Arkansas Black Apple

Chefs from all over love cooking with Arkansas black apples because their sour flavor makes them the ideal choice for baking in pies, ciders and more. Their sharp flavor has a sweet after taste with nodes of sugar and cinnamon that will take your taste buds on a thrill ride.

Arkansas Black Apples can be stored for months, so you’ll never have to be without them. The longer that they sit in cold storage the sweeter they’ll be. You will notice your delectable apples tasting sweeter and sweeter every month after their harvest. 

Get pounds of apples as well as a beautiful ornamental tree with the Arkansas Black Apple. Every spring this apple tree erupts with an explosion of white fragrant blooms, bringing beauty to the landscape.

*images shown are of mature plants

Mature Height:  12-15 ft.

Mature Width:  8-10 ft.

Sunlight:  Full Sun

Spacing:  12-16 ft.

Growth Rate:  Slow

Drought Tolerance:  Moderate